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Seven Misconceptions about How Students Learn: Game-Changers for Authentic Learning

Posted in 21st Century Skills, Professional Development, Service-Learning by tharkins on February 17, 2012

Just read another article that hit home for me.   “Seven Misconceptions about How Students Learn,” written by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post.

It discusses the misconceptions that many people believe about education, that are blocking true learning.  Over the past few decades we have learned a lot about how students learn and these misconceptions don’t fit with the science.

Here is the list of misconceptions and Strauss’s comments on each. (more…)

Take the STEM Survey: How is Your State Doing? What are the BIG Issues?

Posted in STEM by KIDS Consortium on December 15, 2011

Given the interest in and focus on STEM education, I believe that we will see more active and engaging STEM instruction, leading to more opportunities for students to be the citizen scientists–a wonderful thing for students and communities.

Reform of this size, involving this many people, requires a lot of feedback. I am posting a link to the STEM Education Coalition’s site and blog. Go to the blog and complete the survey. The Coalition is gathering information to get a snap shot of how people in the STEM Ed. world view the efforts and the issues related to STEM Ed. reforms.

If you are looking for some information on what your state is up to regarding STEM Ed, check this--it has data for every state.

Or, go to the ACHIEVE site, get an update on the NextGen Science Standards and visit this page. It too has data on every state’s efforts

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