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Portland and Falmouth Students Take Downeaster to Summit

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by KIDS Consortium on May 25, 2010

Student teams from Longfellow Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, and Falmouth Middle School boarded the Amtrak Downeaster early this morning to travel “green” to the Student Summit on Service-Learning, hosted this year at the University of New Hampshire, Durham campus.

Students waiting to board train

Longfellow Elementary students waiting to board the Downeaster at the Portland Amtrak station

“I’m excited to be taking the train,” said Elizabeth Meahl, a teacher at Longfellow Elementary School. Her team and the two others decided to take the train to reduce their carbon footprint in their travels to this year’s Student Summit. Teachers and students were looking forward to the event, where they will present the results of their environmental service-learning projects. “I’m excited to see the presentations,” Ms. Meahl added.

The Lincoln Middle School students worked this year to replace Styrofoam trays in their cafeteria with cardboard trays. They brought a stand that they use to collect the trays for recycling in the cafeteria.

Lincoln Middle School students board the train with their props

The Lincoln Middle School team brought along their exhibit on the train from Portland to UNH.

“It’ll be a fun experience. I haven’t done this before,” said Christine M., a fifth-grader in Elizabeth Meahl’s class at Longfellow Elementary School. She hopes to ask the other students at the Summit about things they’re doing in their classrooms.

Falmouth team at the Amtrak station

The Falmouth team was excited to take the train to begin their Student Summit experience.

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  1. Tina said, on June 1, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Great photo! Sounds like the whole experience was pretty awesome! Great job Team!

  2. […] Check out this link!  We had a great time at the summit and the kids did an amazing job representing Longfellow.… […]

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