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Q and A Session with Cameron Wake

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by tjlisboncentralschool on May 25, 2010

Question: “What is your message to the students and educators that are here?”

Answer: “The future is you. We have a lot of problems that need to be addressed. A big part is…Yes we are greener, but we have to discuss how to be more sustainable. It’s going to require the generation that is coming up now to address that challenge. The message is it is about you and what you will do to make a difference.”

Q: “What would it take to get people to realize what they were doing to the environment and change their ways?”

A: “I would argue for our society to act it will require transformational change. The change is going to start and be driven by those educated about the issues and the solutions. Much of the discourse in this county is about one side or the other side. Instead of taking a side-based approach to the problem, address it with facts and solutions.”

Q: “What role can service-learning play in educating students about climate change?”

A: “Kids need resources to get things started. Getting students involved in service-learning is very important. There is theory and there is practice. Service-learning enables students to practice and learn as opposed to hear a theory.”

Q: “How did you get interested in learning more about and sharing you knowledge about climate change with others?”

A: “I think it is an evolution over time. As a kid I rode a bicycle. I lived in a place where I could ride a bicycle. My desire to inform and to act was a progression. The more I look into how the earth’s  climate has changed, the more I have looked into how human action has contributed to the change in climate. I feel I have a viewpoint that is informed by the date and the facts which are driven by my desire to change something.”

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  1. Albert Tulli said, on January 16, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Great job Tj and great job to the KIDS Staff hope this years summit planning is going well. Miss working with u guys.

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