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2010 Student Summit Reflections

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by KIDS Consortium on May 27, 2010

Here are a few things we noticed, learned and loved about this year’s Summit:

The raffle prizes and energetic sing-a-long to “Big Yellow Taxi” ended the event on a high note. Participants left grinning, humming, laughing … and discussing what they’re going to do next to solve environmental problems.

The food was wonderful.

During the raffle, the student planners thanked the technical support staff at UNH, who were always ready to help get us through the technical difficulties. The red-shirted heroes were awarded water bottles (which were also raffle prizes) and the gratitude of all.

One of the most consistent praises on the evaluations after the event was that the Lisbon team worked so well together. (Another was the food. Did we mention the food was really good?)

One of the most often cited “Best Things” about the Summit, from both teachers and students, was meeting other people who were working on environmental service-learning projects and sharing ideas. One 11th-grader said, “There are many great, interesting ways to improve our school’s sustainability! We can implement several of these ideas at our school.” Discussions in Q&A sessions after presentations and in the hallways and at lunch tables often centered on overcoming issues with animals getting into composting containers (location and shape and cover for the containers), placement of recycling bins in schools to encourage students to use them (not just next to the copy machine for teachers, but by classroom doorways too), and other green ideas. Students and teachers asked other students and teachers how they got things done. Spreading these seeds of ideas is a big part of the Summit!

The evening entertainment was aptly named: Green Schools Got Talent.

Many participants said they were inspired by Cameron Wake’s message. Among the reflections: “Cameron Wake was fantastic!” His data-supported message about global climate change appealed to even the youngest members of this crowd. Third-graders who can discuss what it means to be sustainable warm our hearts.

Students had a great time at the hotel pools Tuesday night. The hot weather made us all grateful for the air conditioning in the Memorial Union Building, too.

There are many longstanding traditions of the Summit. The inclusion of the next year’s student planners in the Summit and discussions afterward is a big part of keeping the Summit continuously improving, and the Pemetic Elementary School participants were engaged and positive.

KIDS Consortium founder Marvin Rosenblum has attended all 10 Student Summits. He works with students before the event to help them with speaking to the large audience. He participates in reflection discussions after. And he really enjoys the talent show! His support has been invaluable to all of us; he is an integral part of the Summit.

This 10th annual installment of this event also marked some big firsts for KIDS Consortium’s Student Summit on Service-Learning:

  • This blogging thing is new for us! We had great support from Will Fessenden of Encompass Marketing and TJ Thompson from the Lisbon Central School. Thanks to them for helping us enter this new online world and share the great service-learning results and fun of the Summit.
  • For the first time, New York was among the states represented at the Summit. Hoosic Valley Central School 7th-12th graders from Schaghticoke and Montessori Magnet School 5th graders from Albany were our first honored presenters from New York.
  • This is the first time it’s been 90 degrees out during a Summit. Usually held in March, the Summit has seen rain, snow, freezing temperatures…and, now, balmy summer-like weather.
  • The Lisbon Central School Environmental Club expanded–yet again–the roles and responsibilities taken on by the youth planning the Summit. A different team of students has planned the Summit each year since 2003. This year’s team was very impressive. Each of the students contributed, and their teamwork made the Summit great.

So thanks once again to everyone who participated, and especially to our sponsors of both the Student Summit and the Green Schools mini-grants that made many of the service-learning projects themselves possible:

  • State Farm
  • Downeast Energy
  • Hannaford
  • Wheelabrator Technologies
  • Walmart
  • Kennebunk Savings Bank
  • UBS
  • Poland Spring
  • The Sam L. Cohen Foundation
  • The Horizon Foundation
  • L.L. Bean
  • United Way of York County
  • Town and Country Oil
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Lee Auto Malls
  • Reny’s Department Stores

One more batch of memories:

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Summit participants, what did you think of the Summit? What did we not mention here that you want to share? Add your comments (your email will NOT be made public or shared).

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  1. Will said, on May 28, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Dear KIDS Consortium and supporters-

    It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to share in this year’s student summit.

    I was inspired and learned a great deal. As you will be able to take ideas back to your communities and homes, I too will be able to take ideas back to my house and work with my young children on helping us be more “green” friendly at home.

    A special thanks to TJ for his help and assistance. Keep on writing!

    With regards & respect.

    -Will Fessenden
    Encompass Marketing & Design

    Keep up the great work

    • TJ Thompson said, on August 7, 2010 at 7:53 pm

      Thanks Will! It was a pleasure working with you and I’ll be sure to send you all my stories!

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