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What’s Next?

Posted in Blog, General by KIDS Consortium on June 14, 2010

This blog, launched at the 2010 Student Summit on Service-Learning and sustained through that event by one of the student planners from Lisbon Central School, TJ, along with Will Fessenden of Encompass Marketing and Design, now directs to something longer-term.

It’s still a place to keep you informed about KIDS Consortium’s events and happenings. To connect those who have been to a previous event but aren’t at the current one. To connect those who haven’t been to an event but will come to a future one. To show you the pictures, acknowledge the great organizations and people of all ages involved, to share insights gained from the work and the fun. We’ll bring you highlights of our Summer Institutes soon, and plan to stick around for many more service-learning Summits, trainings, and projects to share here.

In between events, though, this blog can be much more.

Several other blogs cover service-learning and related topics: The National Service-Learning Partnership blog is regularly updated with news links and a wealth of other information related to service-learning. VolunteerMaine’s blog, while focusing primarily on volunteer management issues, includes discussions of youth-led projects and service-learning–including a guest post from one of our own education consultants, Matt Robinson. Service-learning and its components appear regularly in blogs from sources such as Microsoft and other educational and technology companies, other nonprofit organizations, the founder of NYLC, and many teachers.

So what’s next for KIDS Consortium’s blog? It will be service-learning related. That’s what KIDS Consortium is and does. And there’s a lot of fertile ground for discussion. How do you create the collaborative environment necessary for high-quality service-learning? What is service-learning, anyway? How do you develop relationships with community partners (or, for community partners, how do you partner with schools and young people in your work)? What funding opportunities are out there for service-learning projects? This blog seems a good place to open up the discussion about service-learning, share a KIDS Consortium perspective, and hear from you.

Watch for more here, and please let us know what topics you would like to see covered on this blog!

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