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Posted in 2011 Student Summit by pemeticstudentsummit on March 24, 2011

An ice breaker is an activity that  helps people meet others literally to “break the ice” between groups. Here at the summit, there were many kids that did not know each other. The ice breaker activity helped kids to get to know each other better.

The first icebreaker used was called a wordle. A wordle is a group of words that are all related to the same topic. Our motto, “Make a Difference” was the theme of this worlde. Kids and teachers were to brainstorm ideas and words that meant “Make a Difference” to them. Words commonly used were: Recycling, Teamwork, Service learning, and effort.

The summit’s message really stresses that kids can make a difference in their school, community, and world. This wordle got kids thinking about what qualities were really needed to make a difference.

Now, everyone is getting a quick snack, then we are all headed over to Sills Hall at Bowdoin College to watch what we’re really here for: the student presentations!

Thinking hard...


Group discussion about Making a Difference words

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