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Teambuilders, Exhibits, and Presentations, Oh My!

Posted in 2011 Student Summit by pemeticstudentsummit on March 24, 2011

After the first set of presentations, one-half of the participants at the Summit participated in a teambuilding activity while the other half did a scavenger hunt through the many exhibits. Now we are in the second set of student presentations.

Three student teams present in each room in each hour-long presentation slot. In just one room in the second presentation timeslot today, we saw two teams from Roosevelt Middle School in New Bedford, Massachusetts present different projects, with great data about trash, recycling, and energy use in their school, and a third presentation by Ashland, Maine students called “Mean Green Recycling Machines.”

For example, students monitored how many students left laptops on and plugged in when they weren’t in use. Then they launched an energy awareness and conservation campaign, reading books to young students and talking about how to save energy. They also shared a short video from

“I liked their [Ashland, Maine’s] presentation because they talked about Terracycle and different ways to recycle. I liked mine because it’s telling our whole school to start recycling more, or else there will be more trash and it will damage the earth and be unhealthy, ” said DaVante Cromwell, a sixth-grader at Roosevelt Middle School.

“I like how we can help everybody in the community, and they can help us too. I like that we can share our ideas with them,” said Marissa Lopes, an eighth-grader from Roosevelt Middle School.

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The adults are happy that the kids are engaged, too. One teacher said, “Since we started doing this, I haven’t heard a single student say, ‘What do we have to learn this for?'”

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  1. Tonya said, on March 25, 2011 at 9:30 am

    That looks like a really busy day. Are all the kids middle schoolers?

  2. William Schuler said, on March 28, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Very proud of our kids…

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