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Presentations Day 2 Part 2

Posted in 2011 Student Summit by pemeticstudentsummit on March 25, 2011

After participating in the pipeline teambuilder, people worked their way over to Sills Hall. Sitting in Smith Auditorium people are beginning to file in for the first presentation of this session, the 3rd grade class at Sherwood Heights Elementary school in Auburn, Maine. They are presenting “One Step at a Time”. The students noticed that many items that should have been recycled or composted were being thrown away. So, they recycled and composted, along with coming up with new and different ways to keep things out of the trash.

The second presentation is by Oxford Hills Compressive High School. It is called “Keeping Phosphorus Out of Two Maine Lakes”. They wanted to clean up two Maine Lakes. Some ideas to stop pollution were about stopping the erosion at one lake. They want to put up buffers so that the erosion wouldn’t take over the lake.

Jake and William asked, “What have you learned in the past few days?” Other questions like it encouraged energetic responses. Now it’s off to closing teambuilders, reflection, and lunch!


Sills Hall at Bowdoin College, where the students presented their work.

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