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The Busy Morning So Far

Posted in 2011 Student Summit by pemeticstudentsummit on March 25, 2011

This morning, there have been a lot of events happening at the KIDS Consortium student summit:

1. First off, we did another icebreaker activity. This icebreaker was called two truths and one lie. Each person was split into their groups (each group had different students and adults from different schools), and they were to write three things about themselves: two of the things true, and one a lie. The groups went around in a circle, one person at a time stating their two truths and one lie, and the group was going to guess which person’s “fact” was the lie. It helped everyone to get to know each other better.

2. Next, we heard from a guest speaker at Bowdoin College. Her name was Keisha Payson, and she is the sustainability coordinator at Bowdoin College. She told us about the different projects that Bowdoin College was doing so their campus could become more green and environmentally friendly. Some of the projects were: composting in cafeterias, using solar panels for hot water heaters, turning out the lights if the room is not in use, and recycling in the dorms and other areas around the campus. The goal Bowdoin is aiming for is to become totally and completely carbon neutral by 2020.

3. Although the early morning activities were a lot of fun, the student presentations were also important. Some of the presentations I saw were: changing out styrofoam trays used in the cafeteria into plastic reusable trays, recycling more in school, and switching the light bulbs from energy wasters to energy savers. Kids seemed to feel proud of their projects that they had worked hard on and what they had accomplished throughout the year.

Next, the team builder activity and exhibit scavenger hunt will be happening. Sounds like fun!

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