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2011 Student Summit Reflections

Posted in 2011 Student Summit by KIDS Consortium on March 28, 2011

Here are just a few things we noticed, learned and loved about this year’s Summit:

During the closing, a slideshow of pictures from the two days was projected for everyone to see. These pictures, playing to this year’s Summit “theme song,” Jack Johnson’s “3 R’s,” showed that so much happened in just two days!

The student planners thanked Corey and Andy, the technical support staff at Bowdoin who were always ready to help get us through the technical difficulties. Tara Studley, our main contact and coordinator on the Bowdoin staff, was wonderful to work with and helped make the event go smoothly! We all appreciate their help.

The student presentations blew us away. There is a lot of excellent work going on at schools all over the Northeast. Students included solid data in their presentations, and really knew their stuff! It was exciting to hear kids asking–and answering–tough questions.

It was a bit snowy right at the opening, but the sun came out by the time things really got underway!

The water bottles, given as raffle prizes, were a big hit.

Bowdoin College was a great place to hold a green-themed event. From signs over light switches reminding everyone to turn off lights if the room is not in use, to recycling bins in each building, the campus supports environmental awareness. The guest speaker from Bowdoin Friday shared the many steps the college has taken on its way to becoming carbon neutral.

Among the reflections: “This was so cool! I didn’t know that so many other schools were composting too.” And the ice cream in the dining hall was very popular.

KIDS Consortium founder Marvin Rosenblum has attended all 11 Student Summits. This year, in addition to working with the Pemetic students before the event to help them prepare for speaking to the large audience, he spoke at the closing. His inspiring words encouraged everyone continue to make a difference.

This 11th annual KIDS Consortium Student Summit continued some new traditions that began with last year’s Summit. For example, this blog started last year. Two Pemetic students, Margaret and Sara, wrote great posts this year. Thanks to them for helping us share the Summit with the world.

To offset the carbon footprint of student teams traveling to the Summit, each team was given two Eastern White Pine trees to plant. These trees will be another lasting reminder of this event.

Channel 8 news came Thursday, and Ali was very excited to be interviewed!







A huge thank you again to all who participated in this year’s Summit!

Summit participants, what were your memorable moments from the Summit? What did we not mention here that you want to share? Add your comments (your email will NOT be made public or shared).

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  1. Fran Rudoff said, on March 28, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Thanks to everyone (and especially our student planners from Pemetic!) for a wonderful 2011 Summit! I was so impressed by the quality of the student project presentations and the interest that students had in each others’ work!! I left inspired to do more to reduce energy use in my own home…

  2. Laura said, on March 29, 2011 at 10:21 am

    As a parent, I have to say that this was a great thing for kids. More than just a “field trip.” The students had a role to play. They spoke in front of large groups. About what they’ve worked hard on all year. And other middle school students planned the whole thing–wow!

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