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First Round of Oral Hearings Complete

Posted in Project Citizen by KIDS Consortium on May 20, 2011
Students Presenting

Eighth graders from Cape Elizabeth Middle School present their project, "Don't Worry Bee Happy"

The first round of oral hearings is complete. The students are sharing their excitement and interest in the issues discussed. All of the projects were well-researched, and many action plans are in process and continuing as students work to get their proposed public policy implemented at the school, local, or state level.

“Why did you choose this topic?” Judges asked about students’ interest in and  connections to the problems they studied, what surprised students in their research, and what their plans are going forward.

The “Healthy or Not?” presentation by Lyman Moore Middle School students included a series of graphs showing very visually the increase in the percentage of overweight and obesity in the United States over the past 10 years. The team proposes better nutritional labeling and improved nutritional value in school lunches. They and other presenters stressed the importance of the problem they want to see addressed.

Students ask tour guide Dan Fournier questions during the State House tour.

All of the presentations demonstrated the hard work that went into researching the problems, alternative solutions, and selected public policy and action plan.

Dan Fournier is giving a very informative tour of the State House right now. His knowledge of the history of the State House is impressive, and the stories he shares bring that history to life.

Four teams are presenting in the final round, and we’ll wrap up this afternoon with the awards.

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