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Recognition Ceremony Wrapping Up in the Hall of Flags

Posted in Project Citizen by KIDS Consortium on May 20, 2011

Throughout the Showcase, students shared their excitement about their own projects and others. “I’m having a blast,” said eighth-grader Courtney Brewer, who presented “Boothbay by Bike.” She was very interested in the presentation she saw about healthier school lunches. “As someone who eats school lunch every day,” she supports better choices for school lunch.

John Graham, Deputy Chief of Staff of U.S. Representative Michael Michaud’s office, and many state representatives and senators came to support the students.

The four second-round presentations were:Students present "Motion Sensors Save Cents"

  • “Motion Sensors Save Cents!”—Windham Middle School
  • “Eating Away From the Outside In”—Cape Elizabeth Middle School
  • “Be Two Kinds of Green”—Cape Elizabeth Middle School
  • “Words Shouldn’t Hurt, Right?”—Lyman Moore Middle School

Fran Rudoff, executive director of KIDS Consortium, opened the recognition ceremony congratulating the participants on their work and encouraging them to continue to be involved in public policy. She introduced Emily Cain, minority leader in the State House of Representatives.

Representative Cain praised the students for learning public policy now. “You are so lucky—I mean really. really lucky—to have participated in this program.” Through Project Citizen, these students are ahead of the curve, because they now know that “public policy is a living, breathing thing” that gets things done.

Rep. Emily Cain addresses students in the Hall of Flags“I look forward to hearing from many of you on important issues facing our state in the next year,” said Rep. Cain.

The 2010 Exemplary Portfolio winners, from Lyman Moore Middle School talked about what completing their project, “Greening Our Schools,” meant to them. They focused on the long-term results they see at their own school.

“We didn’t come to Augusta last year to win. We came to jump start our plan,” said Delaney Stokes as she described the work many students at Lyman Moore are doing this year to continue their journey toward environmental sustainability.

Marvin Rosenblum, founder of KIDS Consortium, told the assembled students: “You matter to the world.” He also stressed that this day is a great opportunity to share ideas and celebrate work. That work continues at schools and in communities, and in the legislature and on school boards. The assembled crowd of more than 150 people applauded loudly.

And the winners are…

  • “Be Two Kinds of Green”—Cape Elizabeth Middle School: Exemplary Portfolio
  • “Motion Sensors Save Cents!”—Windham Middle School: Exemplary Oral Presentation
  • “Words Shouldn’t Hurt, Right?”—Lyman Moore Middle School: Exemplary Oral Presentation

It’s been a fast-moving and exciting day for all of the participants. We thank the Speaker of the House Robert Nutting and President of the Senate Kevin Raye for allowing us to use the House and Senate Chambers for the oral hearings. We also thank Sean Roderick, Assistant Clerk of the House; Norman Arbour, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms; and all the rest of the staff who helped with the sessions.

We’re really proud of all the students who participated today! Thanks to the teachers, judges, Representative Cain, and all of those who came out today to support the students. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

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