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  1. […] The Guardian of Democracy report identifies tangible benefits of civic learning, like the promotion of civic knowledge, skills and dispositions and civic equality. Named among those benefits is that “civic learning has been shown to instill young people with the ‘twenty-first century competencies’ that employers value in the new economy.” Check out a list of those 21st Century competencies that students demonstrate through service learning. […]

  2. […] ways service learning provides opportunities for students to demonstrate 21st Century Skills and gave examples on one of the skills being met through a real […]

  3. […] is why service learning develops the 21st Century Skills of being creative and entrepreneurial. (click for the list of seven 21st Century Skills students develop and demonstrate through service lea….) Giving students the freedom to dream of new solutions encourages them to be creative and […]

  4. […] students to demonstrate 21st Century Skills. If you are just joining and want to catch up…the 1st, 2nd, and […]

  5. […] other 21st Century Skills I’ve discussed in this blog series , the opportunity for teachers and program leaders to instruct […]

  6. […] in civic life and democratic decision-making.” This is the sixth on the list of seven 21st Century Skills that students demonstrate and develop through service learning. You can read the discussion of the […]

  7. […] of the other 6 21st Century Skills supported by service-learning are posted in this blog: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, […]

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