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Take the STEM Survey: How is Your State Doing? What are the BIG Issues?

Posted in STEM by KIDS Consortium on December 15, 2011

Given the interest in and focus on STEM education, I believe that we will see more active and engaging STEM instruction, leading to more opportunities for students to be the citizen scientists–a wonderful thing for students and communities.

Reform of this size, involving this many people, requires a lot of feedback. I am posting a link to the STEM Education Coalition’s site and blog. Go to the blog and complete the survey. The Coalition is gathering information to get a snap shot of how people in the STEM Ed. world view the efforts and the issues related to STEM Ed. reforms.

If you are looking for some information on what your state is up to regarding STEM Ed, check this--it has data for every state.

Or, go to the ACHIEVE site, get an update on the NextGen Science Standards and visit this page. It too has data on every state’s efforts

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Collaboration: 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Students and Communities

Posted in Professional Development, Service-Learning, Summer Institutes by KIDS Consortium on December 13, 2011

My first year of teaching—Day 1: I had my lesson plan all printed neatly in my plan book. It called for the 7thgraders to work in groups for 20 minutes—you see, I learned in one of my courses that students excel in cooperative learning activities. So I put them into groups with a task (I don’t remember what it was and I am sure that none of the students remembers either) and then I, oh, I don’t know, I was probably checking the lunch menu or straightening the framed diploma that hung behind my desk—you know, I was doing what you do when kids are working in groups.  Five minutes later I looked out on the splendor of the environment I had created—what a disaster. Here I thought that by using

English: Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

T. Hobbes...he warned us about ourselves:)

a collaborative learning strategy that I was developing 21st Century students, and it looked more like Hobbes’s 17th Century description of the state of nature. Clearly, I forgot an important step…to teach them HOW to work in groups. (more…)

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