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KIDS (Kids Involved Doing Service-Learning) Consortium helps transform classrooms and communities through an award-winning educational model that has touched more than a quarter-million students to date.

Founded in 1992, KIDS Consortium is a nonprofit organization that serves schools and community organizations in Maine, throughout New England, and beyond. KIDS staff train and assist teachers, administrators, and community partners as they work with K-12 students to identify, research, and address real community challenges (an approach known as service-learning). Youth are involved in powerful learning experiences, forge stronger ties to their communities, and gain the skills and confidence they need to become engaged citizens.

KIDS is a nationally recognized leader in service-learning. Its time-tested model of service-learning has three core components: student ownership, academic integrity, and apprentice citizenship.

KIDS model service-learning helps students to engaged learners and citizens, to develop critical thinking and communication skills, and learn to operate effectively as part of a team.

This blog is being launched as part of KIDS Consortium’s 10th annual Student Summit on Service-Learning. This year’s theme, “Green Thumbs” Up for Green Schools, is part of a larger Green Schools initiative that included 35 mini-grants to schools throughout the Northeast.


Education reaching beyond the classroom and inspiring students to gain the motivation, confidence, and skills needed to transform their communities and the world.


KIDS (Kids Involved Doing Service-Learning) Consortium prepares young people to be active and responsible citizens by training and supporting educators, community organizations, and youth in best practices for service-learning. Through service-learning, K-12 students identify, research, and address real community challenges, using knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

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