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2010 Student Summit Reflections

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by KIDS Consortium on May 27, 2010

Here are a few things we noticed, learned and loved about this year’s Summit:

The raffle prizes and energetic sing-a-long to “Big Yellow Taxi” ended the event on a high note. Participants left grinning, humming, laughing … and discussing what they’re going to do next to solve environmental problems.

The food was wonderful.

During the raffle, the student planners thanked the technical support staff at UNH, who were always ready to help get us through the technical difficulties. The red-shirted heroes were awarded water bottles (which were also raffle prizes) and the gratitude of all.

One of the most consistent praises on the evaluations after the event was that the Lisbon team worked so well together. (Another was the food. Did we mention the food was really good?)

One of the most often cited “Best Things” about the Summit, from both teachers and students, was meeting other people who were working on environmental service-learning projects and sharing ideas. One 11th-grader said, “There are many great, interesting ways to improve our school’s sustainability! We can implement several of these ideas at our school.” Discussions in Q&A sessions after presentations and in the hallways and at lunch tables often centered on overcoming issues with animals getting into composting containers (location and shape and cover for the containers), placement of recycling bins in schools to encourage students to use them (not just next to the copy machine for teachers, but by classroom doorways too), and other green ideas. Students and teachers asked other students and teachers how they got things done. Spreading these seeds of ideas is a big part of the Summit!

The evening entertainment was aptly named: Green Schools Got Talent.

Many participants said they were inspired by Cameron Wake’s message. Among the reflections: “Cameron Wake was fantastic!” His data-supported message about global climate change appealed to even the youngest members of this crowd. Third-graders who can discuss what it means to be sustainable warm our hearts.

Students had a great time at the hotel pools Tuesday night. The hot weather made us all grateful for the air conditioning in the Memorial Union Building, too.

There are many longstanding traditions of the Summit. The inclusion of the next year’s student planners in the Summit and discussions afterward is a big part of keeping the Summit continuously improving, and the Pemetic Elementary School participants were engaged and positive.

KIDS Consortium founder Marvin Rosenblum has attended all 10 Student Summits. He works with students before the event to help them with speaking to the large audience. He participates in reflection discussions after. And he really enjoys the talent show! His support has been invaluable to all of us; he is an integral part of the Summit.

This 10th annual installment of this event also marked some big firsts for KIDS Consortium’s Student Summit on Service-Learning:

  • This blogging thing is new for us! We had great support from Will Fessenden of Encompass Marketing and TJ Thompson from the Lisbon Central School. Thanks to them for helping us enter this new online world and share the great service-learning results and fun of the Summit.
  • For the first time, New York was among the states represented at the Summit. Hoosic Valley Central School 7th-12th graders from Schaghticoke and Montessori Magnet School 5th graders from Albany were our first honored presenters from New York.
  • This is the first time it’s been 90 degrees out during a Summit. Usually held in March, the Summit has seen rain, snow, freezing temperatures…and, now, balmy summer-like weather.
  • The Lisbon Central School Environmental Club expanded–yet again–the roles and responsibilities taken on by the youth planning the Summit. A different team of students has planned the Summit each year since 2003. This year’s team was very impressive. Each of the students contributed, and their teamwork made the Summit great.

So thanks once again to everyone who participated, and especially to our sponsors of both the Student Summit and the Green Schools mini-grants that made many of the service-learning projects themselves possible:

  • State Farm
  • Downeast Energy
  • Hannaford
  • Wheelabrator Technologies
  • Walmart
  • Kennebunk Savings Bank
  • UBS
  • Poland Spring
  • The Sam L. Cohen Foundation
  • The Horizon Foundation
  • L.L. Bean
  • United Way of York County
  • Town and Country Oil
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Lee Auto Malls
  • Reny’s Department Stores

One more batch of memories:

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Summit participants, what did you think of the Summit? What did we not mention here that you want to share? Add your comments (your email will NOT be made public or shared).

Thank Yous, Raffle and Finale

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by tjlisboncentralschool on May 26, 2010

All of the people that have made this event possible were thanked once again. As far as the raffle went, there were many winners. Over 50 kids are taking home recycled aluminum water bottles that can be reused. The grand prize winner, Tyler Johnson from Windham Middle School, received a $30 iTunes gift card and a copy of our “environmental” song playlist. As a part of a 10-year tradition, a “torch” was passed to the school hosting the Summit next year, Pemetic Elementary School, RSU #34 in Maine. In this case, we made a recycled cardboard cut-out of Tracy Harkins, our KIDS Consortium contact. So good luck to next year’s hosts, and great job to the Lisbon Central School Science Symposium Team for awesome work on the Summit!! Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Lunch Time/Morning Wrap-Up

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by tjlisboncentralschool on May 26, 2010

The morning was great. It was full of student presentations, speeches, and exhibits. But finally it’s lunch with wrap-ups and thank yous to follow.

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Day 2 in Photos

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by KIDS Consortium on May 26, 2010

Student presentations, teambuilders, the exhibit scavenger hunt, and networking: Day 2 of the Student Summit is bringing students from all across the Northeast together, discussing how they have made their schools and communities more environmentally sustainable…and what they’re going to do next!

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Heard at the Summit. Some quotes for u to think about.

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by encompassmarketing on May 26, 2010

“Service learning enables students to practice, experience and see the world. Simply hearing and reading about theories does not work for many students.”

“Did he really go to the Arctic?”

“I had a hand in lining up the keynote speaker and other projects. It was certainly interesting watching it all come together, we started with an idea and now the conference is over.”

“So many great ideas were presented. Students from different places realized different issues in their towns, shared solutions at the summit, and now the rest of us can take those ideas back home with us.”

“Wow, they did that!”

“We could not have done it without the help of our sponsors.”

“The worst thing that has happened is someone lost an earring. If that is the worst that happens…..”

“That team building exercise was so much fun!”

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Presentations going Smoothly

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by tjlisboncentralschool on May 26, 2010

In attending these presentations, kids at the Summit learn about other ways they can green their schools. Projects vary from powering LED lights with a bike, teaching younger students about going green, and even a project about feeding school cafeteria food waste to pigs!!

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Thank You all Sponsors

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by tjlisboncentralschool on May 26, 2010

On behalf of all the sudents and staff at Lisbon Central School I would like to personally thank all the people that made the 2010 Green Schools Student Summit possible. A special thanks goes out to State Farm Insurance, Downeast Energy, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, and the Horizon Foundation, Inc. A  huge thank you goes out to all the KIDS Consortium staff, especially Tracy Harkins, Fran Rudoff, Terri Marin, and Jo Gates. They, with patience and guidance, allowed us to make the 2010 Green Schools Student Summit the best Summit so far.

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Beginning Day 2

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by tjlisboncentralschool on May 26, 2010

After the opening messages, kids will attend student presentations, in which they will see the work done by other kids to green their school. They will be able to ask questions and gain knowledge on what they can do to go green.

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Day 2!

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by KIDS Consortium on May 26, 2010

It’s time to start Day 2 at the Student Summit. Students have finished a great breakfast here at UNH (the food’s a big hit!), and we’re heading into the opening for Day 2. It’s another beautiful day for green schools, service-learning and fun!

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Day 1 Review

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by tjlisboncentralschool on May 25, 2010

The first day of the Summit is over!! What a great day! It engaged, educated and entertained all. Here is a quick Day 1 Recap:

The first day of the Green Schools Student Summit is officially in the history books. And possibly the record books. “Today definitely surpassed all of my expectations,” said TJ Thompson, student marketing coordinator for the summit. “It was a great first day and Lisbon Central School kids are glad to co-host the event with the KIDS Consortium.”

Students started arriving at the University of New Hampshire at around noon.  The opening remarks by Moira Lewerk, an 8th grader from Lisbon Central School, included gracious thanks to KIDS Consortium ( staff, teachers and volunteers.

The first official act of the Summit was a keynote presentation from Cameron Wake. Wake is a research associate professor with the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire. He also has a joint appointment in the UNH Department of Earth Sciences.

Cameron spoke to the kids at the summit about how you can be green, but to really help the environment, you also must have sustainability. When asked about his message to the students and educators attending the summit, he responded, “My message is, the future is you. We have a lot of problem that need to be addressed. A big part is, yes we are greener, but we must learn to be more sustainable. The message is it is about you and what you will do to make a difference.”

Cameron’s interactive presentation engaged the students and teachers, asking them to take a look at the world in which they live and suggesting they ponder important questions.  Cameron asked students to consider “what it means to be environmentally friendly” and how we can all be more energy efficient.

Following the keynote, participants took part in an icebreaker activity in which kids were given cardboard puzzle pieces, asked to decorate them, and then had to put them together as a team. Everyone participated, kids and adults alike.

The afternoon was filled with student presentations, where kids showed off their work to green their schools. Each presentation included time for questions from the audience, which led to good discussions of issues such as composting school cafeteria waste, encouraging school-wide participation in recycling programs, and other environmental topics.

Following a dinner break, various student musicians from across New England performed.  Many of the acts and songs performed contained a message of “staying green.” One particular hit was a guitar duet by Luke Cloutier and Albert Tulli IV from Lisbon Central School. The duo performed “Rise Today” by Alter Bridge. “It’s Not a Christmas Story,” a green take on the 12 Days theme performed by Longfellow Elementary School students, was a real crowd-pleaser.

The “Green Schools Got Talent” show was a great ending to a great first day of the 2010 Green Schools Student Summit!

Entertainment Underway

Posted in 2010 Student Summit by tjlisboncentralschool on May 25, 2010

The entertainment has begun. A talent show featuring various acts, from guitar playing, to singing, to dancing, will keep the audience entertained until it is time to leave. There will be only one more post for tonight. See you all bright and early with some more posts after breakfast tomorrow at around 9:00. Can’t wait!!

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Teambuilders and more

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by KIDS Consortium on May 25, 2010

The second session of student presentations is in progress. The Summit has been flowing very smoothly. We can feel the excitement in the air. (The heat of the day can be felt too…it’s a very sunny, hot day for the Summit!)

Teambuilding activities are always a fun highlight of the Student Summit on Service-Learning. School teams mix and meet each other.

We won’t give away too much…more teams participate in the teambuilders tomorrow.

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First Round of Student Presentations

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by KIDS Consortium on May 25, 2010

The first of four sessions of student presentations is complete. Twelve teams of students presented the results of their service-learning projects.

Hilltown Charter's presentation

Students from Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School presented in the first session.

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Environmental Scavenger Hunt

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by tjlisboncentralschool on May 25, 2010

An Environmental scavenger hunt has just begun here at UNH. In the exhibit hall, all the project boards from all of the present schools are set up. Kids were given a paper with clues to which project they need to find. When they believe they found the correct project, they mark that project’s number on the paper. Papers will be corrected at the end of the hunt and prizes will be awarded following dinner. The winners will be posted at that time.

Scavenger Hunt

Attendees search the exhibits for the facts on the green-themed scavenger hunt.

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Q and A Session with Cameron Wake

Posted in 2010 Student Summit, General by tjlisboncentralschool on May 25, 2010

Question: “What is your message to the students and educators that are here?”

Answer: “The future is you. We have a lot of problems that need to be addressed. A big part is…Yes we are greener, but we have to discuss how to be more sustainable. It’s going to require the generation that is coming up now to address that challenge. The message is it is about you and what you will do to make a difference.”

Q: “What would it take to get people to realize what they were doing to the environment and change their ways?”

A: “I would argue for our society to act it will require transformational change. The change is going to start and be driven by those educated about the issues and the solutions. Much of the discourse in this county is about one side or the other side. Instead of taking a side-based approach to the problem, address it with facts and solutions.”

Q: “What role can service-learning play in educating students about climate change?”

A: “Kids need resources to get things started. Getting students involved in service-learning is very important. There is theory and there is practice. Service-learning enables students to practice and learn as opposed to hear a theory.”

Q: “How did you get interested in learning more about and sharing you knowledge about climate change with others?”

A: “I think it is an evolution over time. As a kid I rode a bicycle. I lived in a place where I could ride a bicycle. My desire to inform and to act was a progression. The more I look into how the earth’s  climate has changed, the more I have looked into how human action has contributed to the change in climate. I feel I have a viewpoint that is informed by the date and the facts which are driven by my desire to change something.”

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