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Seven Misconceptions about How Students Learn: Game-Changers for Authentic Learning

Posted in 21st Century Skills, Professional Development, Service-Learning by tharkins on February 17, 2012

Just read another article that hit home for me.   “Seven Misconceptions about How Students Learn,” written by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post.

It discusses the misconceptions that many people believe about education, that are blocking true learning.  Over the past few decades we have learned a lot about how students learn and these misconceptions don’t fit with the science.

Here is the list of misconceptions and Strauss’s comments on each. (more…)

Youth Can Extend Themselves at Extended School Day Programs: Community Engagement With Service Learning

Posted in 21st Century Skills, Service-Learning, STEM, Uncategorized by KIDS Consortium on November 23, 2011

“It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile” and “Orange juice, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.” You recognize those taglines from a couple of old ad campaigns, right? Just good old Madison Avenue suggesting that we should think about some old friends in a new way. That is just a little bit like what this post is doing, only I’m not a Madison Avenue ad exec, so I don’t have a snappy tagline.  Plus, I know that this is not an entirely new way to think of “an old friend.” But if you come up with a snappy tagline, please, share it. I’ll give you all kinds of credit for it.

Just for breakfast?

More and more extend school day program (before school/after school/during school vacation programs) teachers are using service learning.


For the same reasons that other school teachers use it—the benefits are many.

The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, released an issue brief this month that discusses civic engagement and service learning in afterschool programs. The title of the brief is Providing Opportunities for Service Learning for Middle School Students. Even though the title isn’t all that catchy, it is a good one to download and read, especially if you have been looking for ideas and support for service learning outside of the school day. (more…)

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